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They can be mitigated for the most part through the use of anti-estrogen medications like arimidex anastrozole and aromasin exemestane , or a dht inhibitor proscar propecia finasteride .

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Overview discovery signs and symptoms of breast cancer how breast cancer affects you your ideas about causes of breast cancer surgery breast conserving surgery, lumpectomy or wide local excision mastectomy making treatment choices breast reconstruction choosing not to have breast reconstruction chemotherapy and radiotherapy chemotherapy for breast cancer radiotherapy for breast cancer hormonal therapy tamoxifen aromatase inhibitors arimidex anastrozole , aromasin exemestane and femara letrozole zoladex goserelin ovarian ablation biological therapy targeted therapy herceptin trastuzumab information and support finding information sources of support support groups living with breast cancer how it affects families how it affects others lymphoedema complementary approaches body image prostheses relationships and sex living with breast cancer messages to others.

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