Furniture-Making Terms Explained

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When it comes to choosing furniture, wood furniture has its own appeal. Many people prefer wood furnishings because they believe it adds a sense of warmth and elegance to their homes. Before you go out and buy a piece, however, you should ask yourself a few important questions about the type of wood you want to use. The answers will help you determine which type of wood best suits the style of your home, your lifestyle, and the amount of time and money you have available to spend on the purchase. Here are the most common types of wood furniture:

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Pine furniture is made of pine trees that grow in North America. The main quality that you can expect from a pine furniture piece will depend largely on the grade and type of wood that were used in the construction of the item. You can also expect to find items made from a white pine that will have a light color, and those made from a red pine that will have a slightly richer color and greater durability than the pine in the middle. In addition to quality wood types and the type of wood used in the furniture piece itself, the processing method used to make the piece is also another factor that greatly affects the quality-level of your wood furniture

Softwood: One of the most popular hardwoods for furniture making, softwood is a cross between a soft ash and a hardwood tree. Some of the more desirable varieties of softwood come from Europe, such as birch and pine. These woods are lighter and less dense than most hardwoods. While softwood is less dense, it is still capable of being turned into high quality outdoor furniture. Because of its flexibility, softwoods can be cut into smaller pieces which allow it to be stacked on top of each other in much the same way as regular hardwood does. Because of this property, softwoods are often used for flooring or paneling materials.

Hardwood: The most dense type of wood and considered to be the hardest type of wood in the world. Hardwoods are commonly used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. As the density of hardwoods increases, the cost of a piece of hardwood increases as well. Because of this, it is often less expensive to purchase a hardwood item than to purchase a softwood item. However, because of its density, hardwoods should not be used for furniture if you intend to fill your outdoor space with furniture, as the wood will become damaged with excessive weight.

The key difference between hardwood and engineered wood furniture lies not in the density of the woods themselves, but rather in the manufacturing process. Engineered woods are manufactured by using molds while hardwoods are typically hand-crafted. While hardwoods are superior in many ways, they are generally less durable than engineered woods, especially when it comes to extreme weather conditions.

Softwoods: This furniture-making term refers to any item made from wood that has been engineered to be more weather resistant than real wood. Examples include particle board, veneer, hardwood, laminate, and many more. Softwoods are widely utilized in home furniture-making, as they are easy to work with, warp proof, and tend to be more affordable than other hardwoods. They can also be sanded and stained easily, which makes them ideal for use in high-traffic areas. One disadvantage to softwoods is that they are prone to splintering, which makes them unsuitable for high traffic areas. Nevertheless, they still make excellent alternatives for budget-conscious homemakers.

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