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The infamous James Dean in the long-gone wildcard of a movie – Rebel without a Cause – could well be attributed with making the riding of a motorcycle a statement instead of a mere form of efficient transportation for the masses. Nothing comes closer to these two-wheelers when questions of fuel efficiency are coupled with the need to cover distances at speed comes into play. An automobile would be a more comfortable mode of traveling, and you are cocooned from the rigors of the ever changing weather patterns, but nothing says carefree cruising at maybe half the cost than a motorcycle.

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For Americans, Harley Davidson motorcycles are the one and only brand for any serious two-wheel enthusiasts who’s thinking of getting one for, say a cross state sojourn. No other brands comes close to the image of a grand cruising machine that the motorcycles from the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, manufacturer. Japanese motorcycles might just be cheaper, and sips gas instead of drinking them by the glasses, but they are looked at as mere imitation when compared to the real item; Harley Davidson.

Designed with the specific need for cruising the highways and covering great distances, the century old motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson Motor Company focuses mainly on the heavyweight class with engine capacities of 750 cc and above wholesale pipes. When you talk about Harleys – as these motorcycles are fondly called – there is evidence a fierce and somewhat fanatical brand loyalty for the brand. Nothing else comes close for its millions of fans.

The main draw for Harleys are not just for its superb cruising abilities, but also the high level of personalization which its manufacturer adopt in making the two wheel machines. There is almost a well accepted tradition among Harley Davidson fans that you are supposed to customize the machine so that it becomes uniquely yours and no one else’s. Their designs are mostly retrogressive in outlook, but at the same time, these will stand the test of time and do not aged as easily as the more modern, futuristic designs, especially from Japanese manufacturers.

Even if you were to purchase your Harley after scouring the used motorcycles for sale column in either the local newspapers or through the internet, you would still be able to customize it to the point that it would be able to hide its age from your motorcycle gang. What’s important however is the exhaust note emitted from the single, dual or even quadruple pipes from it huge engine. Without a doubt, the deep burble of a Harley is a clear signal to its rip roaring capabilities available for their riders to tap into.

It’s all American bruiser-cruiser, retro-styling, but Harley Davidson has managed to keep its mechanical facet of the motorcycle up to date when compared to its competitors. There is nothing retro of the engine, exhaust, brakes, suspension and electronics as they are continually updated and improved. What its manufacturer makes sure of, however, is that it retain the highly lovable image of the yesterday with every model upgrade that it comes out with. Unlike, say BMW motorcycles – one of Harley Davidson’s many competitors – Harleys exists not to further its technological advantage but to spur its all-American image instead.

There are many models to choose from when it comes to buying a Harley Davidson motorcycle. A firm favorite is the “Fat Boy” which Harley Davidson introduced way back in the 1990s; there is the Sportster range which comes with engines of 1,000 cc and above, the Dyna models, which comes with big-twin engine but small-diameter telescopic forks, which differentiates it from its older brother as well as the Revolution models, which are mostly street-going versions of Harleys.

Speak the name Harley Davidson, and invariably the image of mean machines with leather pouches, long telescopic forks, huge exhausts and whole gangs of motorcyclists on a continent-crossing journey would probably come to mind for many, and true enough, they would not be far from the truth. For a manufacturer which has seen two devastating world war and stiff competition from competitors that produces far modern-looking machines every second quarter or so, Harley Davidson is a firm favorite among the enthusiasts and not looking at throwing away its title anytime soon.

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