Surveillance Residency Checks

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If an electronic residency check leaves reason for suspicion, covert surveillance can be conducted to determine if an individual actually maintains physical residency where they claim to. Basically, this is an extra method of checking to see whether or not someone really does reside where they say they do. Often people will try to scam or scheme the system by putting in writing that they live at one address or location when they actually do not.

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Surveillance residency checks are then done in the same way surveillance for other issues will be done. For example, a small team or individual will be assembled to conduct the surveillance. All information they have on the person will be gathered and examined. Sometimes a private investigator will be used by the hiring agency to help gather the surveillance on the person in question.

They will usually stake out the place of residence for a set period of time to seek evidence that the person actually does live there. For example, they may watch to see if the person in question leaves from there in the mornings to go to work or school Ki Residences. They will also look to see if they spend the night there. They may look to see if their vehicle is parked there or if other personal property is found in the area. All of these things can serve as evidence that the person in question does, in fact, reside at the address in question.

In most cases, a log will be kept of the surveillance in order to prove the findings regarding whether or not the person actually lives there. In some cases, photos may be taken as well. Once you have left your home and are in an outside area, this is considered a public zone and people can take photos of you. These photos can later be used as evidence and proof that you do or do not reside at the address that you have claimed.

There are many cases where surveillance residency checks are important. When the typical electronic residency check is not enough, or leaves holes in the process that create suspicion, surveillance may be needed.

If a person is being dishonest in their application or other paperwork regarding residency, they won’t be able to hide this when they are being watched. This is especially true when they are unaware that the surveillance is being done- which is typically the point. Residency checks are conducted to make sure people actually live where they say they do and when the typical residency check is uncertain, surveillance can be the backup you need.

In these often troubled economic times, it is especially important for businesses and other organizations to know the truth about the people they are working with. When residency is important, it’s just as important to make sure you do your research and prove the residency to be true.

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