Why Attend Alcoholic Anonymous Meetings?

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There is a widely-known misconception that AA meetings are exclusively for drinkers. The truth however is that people who are addicted to alcohol also would benefit from attending meetings. Moderation is recognised as having one drink per day for both men and women. However, some people experience adverse effect from low-moderate drinking. This may stem from the fact that the alcoholic wants to numb the pain of withdrawal while experiencing withdrawals, which also have detrimental effects on the body. It is therefore important that people who are addicted to alcohol undergo counselling so that they can develop better ways of dealing with the issue.

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A lot of people who become dependent on alcohol tend to avoid associating with people who are heavy drinkers or with situations which might lead them into drinking. They therefore tend to withdraw from social activities and develop serious anxiety. Alcohol cravings also lead people to abuse substances like heroin, marijuana, amphetamines and even inhalants. These people will often go to any extent to satisfy their cravings for alcohol. In most cases, these people fail to realise the damage they are doing to themselves and to other people around them AA meeting directory.

There is no single solution that can cure alcohol dependency. However, there are various treatments that can help people to control their cravings, including counselling. The first step in conquering alcohol dependency is to accept that you need help. If your family or friends do not support you in your battle against alcoholism, then it is advisable to join an alcoholic anonymous group, where you can meet people who have had similar experiences to you and ask for advice. There are various groups that you can join depending on your geographical location.

Alcoholic anonymous groups are usually free of cost, as most governments do not recognise the need for such publicity. However, you may have to pay a small fee if you want to attend weekly meetings. There are many types of Alcoholic Anonymous groups, so it is advisable to join one that suits you best. There are 12-step programs that are suitable for people who are just starting to drink. There are also classes that people can take to get back on track once they quit drinking.

Some AA meetings organise activities to keep people busy during the course of the meetings. One popular activity that is held is a silent auction, during which people can bid on different items for the purpose of raising money for a charitable cause. Another popular activity that goes on at many Alcoholic Anonymous meetings is a poetry reading session. People can express themselves in front of other alcoholics and express their feelings about the problems that they are facing due to drinking alcohol.

It is difficult for people to admit that they have problems with drinking. Most alcoholics try to convince themselves that they are beyond help. But the truth is, no one is beyond help. There are millions of people all over the world who are fighting the same battle that you are. So join an Alcoholic Anonymous meeting and help people realise that there are things that they can do to overcome their addiction.

When you attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, you will be given instructions regarding how to stay sober. You can either attend a group meeting or read scriptures or special verses as a part of your spiritual preparation. Self-hypnosis is another way by which people can stop being dependent on alcohol. Meditation and yoga can also help you get rid of alcoholism. You can also attend AA courses that will help you cope with stress and anxiety caused by alcoholism.

Alcoholic Anonymous meetings are open to people who are close to you. You can visit their meetings at any time, but the best times to attend are Tuesdays at 8 in the evening and Saturdays at 1 PM. These are the two most common times of day when attendance is high. Some alcoholics prefer to take their medications while in these meetings, but it is always better to have regular counseling sessions so that you will know what to do when you find yourself drinking again.

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