How to Catch More Drunk Drivers By Using Their iPhone 4S and Smart Phone Data

June 17, 2021 0 Comments

In the future, will your cell phone, smart phone, or iPhone 4S keep you honest and obeying the law? I just bet it will, as it will be able to give GPS and other data as to your location, speed of travel, etc. This means if you speed down the highway, let’s say on the I-95 from Jacksonville to Petersburg it might show your average speed at 82.5 mph and therefore you could get a ticket in the mail or have a state trooper on the next off ramp leaving town pull you over even if you were not speeding at that particular time Realme X7 Max 5G.

Maybe such a system might also help identify potential drunk drivers, for instance, if someone is surfing the internet on their smart phone looking for liquor stores or bars on Friday Night, it might record that and then when they are in proximity of a sheriff their signal might alert the policeman that the probability is high that the driver has been drinking, thus, he ought to watch them and pay attention to their driving, or pull them over for a sobriety check?

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In fact, there was an interesting article recently on SlashDot on October 16, 2011 posted by Samzenpus titled; “Verizon Wireless Changes Privacy Policy” which noted a comment from Flash2011 Blogger;

“Recently Verizon changed its home internet TOS to by defaut share your location with advertisers. Now Verizon Wireless has also changed its privacy policy to by default share your webbrowing history, cell phone location, and APP usage as well. Whilst there have been a few stories on these changes, internet forums have largely been quiet. Where is the outrage? Or have we just come to accept that ISPs are going to sell our personal information and web browsing habits?”

Obviously, these settings are put this way so that folks can enjoy all the features on their iPhones, and Smart Phones without having to do anything, but there is also a problem here with privacy, perhaps unannounced to the user. Policing authorities tell us not to worry if you are not doing anything wrong, as the smart phone also provides an alibi for you in case you are accused of something you didn’t do, as it pinpoints your location at the time of a crime you may have been suspected of, which is an added bonus.

If someone is using a slurred voice, and the Siri System is having trouble, it may give false answers or unable to understand the person, which might indicate intoxication on a Friday Night as the user looks for a bar, or party location. Maybe these systems can help us get drunk drivers off the roads to save lives. Either way these technologies seem to have positives and negatives to them, something we need to be thinking about as our freedoms and liberties go through their toughest challenge yet in our nation’s history. Please consider all this.

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