Themes For an Oriental Bedding Set

September 7, 2021 0 Comments

When looking for a good set of bedding, you must not compromise style and comfort. There are many people who opt for the more luxurious sets of bedding without thinking of comfort first. In the end, they tend to regret their decisions and the bedding will only be put to waste.

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When looking for the right set of bedding, it is better to find the simplest ones available Mulberry Silk Bedding . Most people connote simplicity with dullness and tasteless fashion; however, this is not true with oriental bedding.

Oriental bedding faithfully follows the rule that ‘less is more.’ This is in accordance with the harmony and balance applied in qi, or what is commonly known as the life force. In Asian philosophy, the harmony and balance of a bedroom should be in accordance with the set of the house. This is done to ensure that the flow of the qi or the life force wouldn’t be constrained, as the qi is the force that brings vibrancy and life into a room.

Because most of the design themes of modern bedrooms are very elaborate and have too many elements, they tend to crowd the walls and headboards of the beds. It is believed that in this kind of bedroom, the flow of qi is constrained, leading to a restless sleep. The owner won’t be able to maximize the potential of a good sleep because the life force doesn’t flow freely.

It is suggested that to allow for the life force to move about the room freely, one must use simple bedding sets. And nothing beats the combination of style and simplicity better than oriental bedding.

If your room is Chinese-inspired, then you have a couple of options for oriental bedding. The simplest designs would be those that have red bed covers and decorative pillows. The color red is prolific in China, and it symbolizes good luck. It is one of the most favoured colors for oriental bedding, and therefore is used in many design elements. For a more unique and detailed Chinese-inspired oriental bedding, you can use quilts that are made from Chinese brocade silk. This silk will weave the traditional Chinese colors of red, greed, gold, and black together, to create a rich color design.

On the other hand, you can also try the Japanese-inspired oriental bedding. Unlike the Chinese ones that use bold colors, the Japanese ones often thrive on simplicity and pureness. The most commonly used materials for the designs would be the rice paper, bamboo and cedars. For the colors, look for natural ones like brown, green and other soft beige colors.

And lastly, you can always try the Thai-inspired oriental bedding set. This particular type is usually hand-woven and hand-dyed; creating a feel that is both unique and relaxing. Aside from that, the dyes used in these silk bedding are usually unique. They are very oriental in a way that the bedding’s elegance and beauty isn’t the least worn down by its simplicity. They are perfect options for your Asian-themed bedroom.

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