Healthy Diet – Selection of Fruits and Vegetables

September 18, 2021 0 Comments

Eating healthy not only means cutting down on junk food from our daily intake but also means eating a variety of food items including fresh fruits, vegetables and other cereals. Mother nature has provided us so much variety and most amazing thing is that all these food articles are of different shape, color, size, taste and have varied nutritional value. Not even a single person on earth can claim that he has had tried all natural food items available on this planet. Still it is human nature that we long for man-made things and not naturally found edible items. We crave for pastries, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas but somehow just ignore these nature’s gifts.

If we talk about nutritional value of fruits and vegetables, some of these are high in fat, some low but majority are rich in vitamins and also a rich source of fiber and other vital minerals required by our body. Some of these fruits are region specific and grow in certain areas only and have some sort of medicinal property as well. This is Nature’s way to give us nutrition required to stay in specific areas. But with advent of communication and transport industry things have changed and we get fruits and vegetables from far across continents but it wasn’t the case earlier and people had to rely on local supply of fruits and vegetables. To a certain extent that didn’t satisfy the taste buds of many of the folks but most of the nutritional requirements were met through the locally procured fruits and vegetables.

Our body has been designed in a manner that it can digest a number of things and when all of those are supplied in right proportion to the body – it remains fit. Unfortunately in our stressful lives we end up eating carelessly and eat things which are not good for our bodies. We realize the importance 토토 꽁머니 of these very fruits and vegetables when a doctor tells us to have them regularly or our dietitian plans our diet in a manner to take care of our nutritional requirements or help our body recuperate from certain illnesses or life style diseases like Diabetes, obesity etc. Had we not ignored these very natures’ gifts for so long may be we would never have suffered and felt the need of that dietitian. In Toto all food items are desirable for a healthy body and should be had in the right quantity and variety but only if one’s body allows for that. In case a person is not completely fit (suffering from gout, colitis, diabetes, overweight etc) then advice of dietitian or a qualified doctor should be taken to ensure that daily intake contains right food items.

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