What Are The Attractions Of Backgammon Gambling?

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The popularity of backgammon gambling, in particular via online backgammon, gives rise to the question what are the attractions of backgammon gambling? It is important to understand that, contrary to what we might imagine, backgammon gambling did not originate with the Internet but it has probably been a key element since the backgammon game came on the scenes thousands of years ago. The game of Tabula, which was the name applied to backgammon in the Roman era was played exclusively for gambling purposes.

Getting closer to our own era, the introduction of the doubling cube in the 1920’s provided a major boost to backgammon gambling. It has now become almost mandatory feature of many backgammon sets and has expanded the backgammon rules and backgammon instructions with details of how the cube should be legitimately used. For example, the doubling cube should be positioned centrally on the gaming table with the number agen judi togel 64 displayed uppermost, and each player can challenge the other player to double the stakes. If one player wants to offers a double, they turn the doubling cube to its next higher value and offer it to the opposing player. If the opponent accepts this double, they take the doubling cube and place it on their side of the board, thereby assuming control over the doubling cube.

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Although backgammon has a long historical association with gambling, it is obvious that the appearance on the screen of backgammon software has greatly broadened the reach of backgammon gambling by providing access to the game seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day. Internet backgammon gives anyone with a connection to the Internet the opportunity to make a backgammon download that gives them the ability to play the game from the comfort of their own computer. There is no need even to spend any money on acquiring a backgammon set or joining a club since online backgammon puts players in contact with fellow backgammon enthusiasts from around the world.

The motivations for backgammon gambling have not changed a great deal over the long period of the game’s history. How to play backgammon is something that the average player soon picks up and once they acquire the basic skills, the excitement of the game encourages them to proceed from the level of novice to enthusiast. The placing of stakes on the game makes it more interesting to play backgammon in that it raises the motivation to play a good game and think out carefully your backgammon strategy. Certainly there are also some players that are very confident in their gaming skills and for them the prospects of the generous prizes available on Internet backgammon sites may become a leading factor in their interest in the game. Yet, in the great majority of cases, although very few players can honestly say they enjoy losing, the prospects of a good, entertaining game probably remains their major motivation and if gambling adds to their entertainment, so much the better.

On a well-known investor web site cites that stock investing is inherently different from gambling because in gambling there is always a winner and a loser and nothing is created, but when investing in a company the company uses that investment to create products and services.

In my opinion this reasoning doesn’t hold water. If I buy shares of XYZ company on the public stock exchange I am buying them from another investor, not from the company whose name is on the stock. If the price goes up in the next week then the seller who sold the shares to me was a “loser” and I was a “winner.” I can’t see how this is different from playing a winning hand at poker and taking the other player’s money.

I did notice that the investor web site article inserted the little phrase “initial stock offering” when describing how investing in a company’s shares is not gambling. OK, so they’re saying that the initial private investors and the investors who participated in the initial public offering were the only ones really “investing.” The vast majority of the trades for company XYZ were post-IPO transactions in which there is a winner and a loser.

But let’s look at this initial investment more closely. At the initial offering, investors give the company money in exchange for stock. The company hires employees, buys equipment, and engages the services of expensive management consultants. From this activity a new product or service is created and progress (with a capital “P”) is made.

Now look at the “gambling.” Jim wins the poker game and takes the money to buy whiskey. The saloon and the whiskey maker use their profits to pay employees, buy equipment, and hire expensive management consultants (OK, maybe not that). So their profits fund continuation of a product and a service. Doesn’t sound much different from investing to me, from a strictly economic perspective.

Turning this gem around to look from another angle, take Jed, who came into a bit of money and opened up an account with an online brokerage. Jed doesn’t know much about investing, but he tells a friend of his about his new account and this friend is happy to supply advice about what stocks to buy. Jed gets excited and takes the friend’s advice on which companies to buy. He doesn’t set stop losses. His whole account is invested in just three companies. Is this investing or gambling?

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