Amazing Article Marketing – 5 Things to Avoid to Succeed in Article Marketing

October 24, 2021 0 Comments

Are you seriously thinking of using article marketing to drive traffic to your site and let your potential readers know that you are great in what you do? Then, let me tell you the things that you should avoid to make sure that your articles will be published on various article submission sites.

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1. Never copy somebody else’s work. Plagiarism is usually frowned upon by search engines, online users and webmasters. When you copy somebody else’s work you are sending a strong message to your potential readers that you do not respect the intellectual rights of other people. Also, you are directly telling them that you don’t have anything to contribute that can help them . This will defi nitely pull your page ranking to the drain and worst, you might be banned by Google.

2. Using unscrupulous methods to increase article hits. Some marketer is using unacceptable techniques in order to get their articles on top. Some are using bots that clicks the article over and over again. This can easily be detected by article submission sites and your might be penalized or banned from publishing your articles.

3. Putting more than 3 links on your resource box. Remember that you are only allowed to use a maximum of 3 links. This is more than enough to make your website’s URL visible on your author’s box.

4. Inserting links in the body of the articles. Most publishing sites do not allow marketer to use the article body to pitch in their products or website, it’s because articles should be informative and not about sales pitch. However, there are some that would allow you if you pay for a premium account.

Sites have the provision for uploading your photograph too. If you are looking for friends then a photograph is required. Everyone likes to see who they are talking to.

The sites also have online casinos where you can play with your friends. They have chat options, weekly polls are conducted on various issues and topics, journals of all types public, private and personal are available, discussion boards – for you to shout out your concerns, poetry submitted by other people, articles on many topics including disability dating and tips.

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Keep your list of requirements in your hand when you go looking and you will find that its much easier to find what you want. These sites are quite comprehensive in what they offer and the options are enough to suit almost everybody.

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WTO decided that Antigua gambling sites were blocked illegally by Washington. Online gambling is forbidden in the USA; the authorities prohibited their own citizens to visit foreign sites of such an orientation and blocked Antigua sites.

The damage caused to Antigua and Barbuda is assessed at $3,44 billion. This figure makes WTO “concessions” insignificant because Antigua struggles for its gambling industry.

United States insist that Antigua caused to their economy a damage of $500 thousand.

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