The Worst Diet Ever? However, You Can Eat Whatever You Want!

October 30, 2021 0 Comments

The original, all natural “diet pill” of the late 19th and early 20th century. A dieter would simply swallow the beef tapeworm and/or tapeworm eggs and there you have it. One poster ad described it as follows; “easy to swallow and guaranteed weight loss.” Another claimed “sanitized tapeworms are guaranteed harmless and have no ill side effects.”

Once swallowed the worm attaches in the intestinal tract and absorbs nutrients from the food you eat. Apparently you can expect to lose between half a pound to two pounds a week from a single tapeworm and possibly more as the worm matures. Newly infected individuals often report cravings for specific foods and in some cases their hunger increases. The use of multiple tapeworms is said to increase the weight loss dramatically.

What we like about this plan. The insanity of this idea! Let’s see…you can eat virtually whatever you wish, tapeworms are free you can eat raw liver or raw meat. (although back in the day you could buy the jar packed variety). Best thing of all, it’s the stuff urban legends are made of!

What we dislike about this plan. Everything! However these worms might be safer than the “miracle” synthetic pills that manufacturers put out on the market since after these wiggly creatures.

While the beef tapeworm doesn’t try to kill the host, the side effects of the tapeworm diet can cause severe abdominal pain, diarrhea and infection. Other symptoms include loss of appetite or feeling of fullness, weakness, headache, nausea, constipation and vomiting. It is no wonder it is banned by the FDA. When the worm detaches itself, it goes out of your bowels, not a pleasant sight, as well you can expect the weight to return when the worm is gone.

Other diet gimmicks related to the tapeworm diet have created tapeworm pills How Many Ounces In Half Gallon . As expected, there is no scientific evidence to support that these pills work.

How healthy is this plan? In Laura Hillenbrand’s book Seabiscuit, An American Legend, she notes that swallowing tapeworms was common practice for jockeys to stay healthy and fit. Most jockeys live extremely unhealthy lifestyle due to the nature of their business. No matter how desperate you become to fit into that slinky black dress, skip this plan.

The tapeworm diet is banned in America by the FDA, although you can travel to some countries and try this diet. For fewer than two thousand dollars, some unscrupulous people offer a ritual of killing a cow and ingesting the tapeworms in less then sanitary conditions. Other operators follow animals around and collect their feces to harvest the worms!

There are a lot of things that can go wrong inside your bin, that may cause for your composting worms to climb out of it. But if you know how to take care and maintain their bin (and of course your nightcrawlers and/or red worms as well) the right way, then you’ll know how to prevent possible bin problems, before things get really unpleasant.

So what are the usual problems encountered when things get unruly inside a nightcrawler or red wiggler worms bin? There are several situations actually, and one is not being able to maintain the right moisture content inside your worms composter. Moisture is a major requirement, especially when you’re raising and breeding worms for composting. Earthworms are typically slimy in appearance. Well, there is a reason for their moist exterior, and that is because they breathe through their skin. So for worms to be left inside a composter that is too dry, too wet (this can drown them), or with too much acid (this can burn their skin), can kill them. Try achieving a worm bedding that has the consistency of a wrung-out sponge. You can also take out from the bin stuff that are too high in moisture content.

An odor build-up inside the bin may also happen, given that some composting worms have already died (and are starting to rot), or that leftover food scraps have been left untouched after a few months. This can also cause for unwanted pest visits to happen (fruit flies love opportunities like these). This can happen when you put in too much food for your worms, or that these materials are something that your worms prefer not to eat. When this arises, it’s best that you know the right kinds of food to feed them. You can nourish them with the following organic materials:

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