Penis Enlargement – Don’t Overdo It

November 8, 2021 0 Comments

Women all around the world know that men want one thing out of them without a doubt. They know that they control that one thing and that we’ll almost do anything we can in order to get it. One thing women know is that if a man doesn’t add up in the bedroom, she’ll typically move on to someone who is a little more “Fitting” for them. Men have several disadvantages when it comes to size.

The main disadvantage that we have working against us is “Perception”. Some men think that they need to be ten inches or more to satisfy a woman. Women often tell me that ten inches is just too big. Yet, if a man is eight inches, this can be almost orgasmic just for the woman to see it. So why is it men will almost do anything to get bigger, even if they are already “Big enough”? It’s because of perception. Men have a perception that they “need” to be as big as the biggest porn star because they think this is the only way to make their woman happy.

If this were honestly the case, there wouldn’t be a happy woman besides porn starlets. The thing men don’t understand is that women are most likely to work with a man’s “other talents” in order to make up for what they may lack in size Shibuya Kaho . This doesn’t mean you can’t try to gain a few inches, it just means you can use natural methods and take advantage of methods used for centuries to make your member better, and take the time to learn a few other things. You can learn how to use your tongue to your advantage, and most women love this. A man can also learn how to do things with his hands and pelvis that can make a woman’s eyes roll into the back of her head with ecstasy.

However, my point isn’t to teach you what to do with your hands, your tongue or even your pelvis. We’ll save that for another day. What I am going to teach you is how to improve on what you do have in your pants and maybe give you the real tools for growth that can help you realize an extra inch or two in your trousers. Using these techniques combined with the tongue and hand methods can make you a wonder in the sack and a blessing to your partner.

First let me tell you that there is no greater joy you can feel than seeing the look on your partner’s face when they are used to you having one size penis inside them for quite a while and then you fill your partner with something newer and larger. Their face lights up like they were just handed fifty thousand dollars. I’ve done this after only gaining one single inch. I’m not a huge guy but I’ve taken advantage of some of the techniques I’ll share with you and let me tell you, my partner was extremely happy when I “showed” her how I had changed my physique.

In a future article I’ll share some of the techniques I used to make my partner doubt her own sanity. She couldn’t believe it was real when I put it inside her and she looked at me kind of confused. She even went as far as to make me pull out and looked at it to make sure I hadn’t slipped something over my penis to make it feel bigger. When she saw it was all me, she squealed in delight and our lovemaking was more intense than ever.

“My relationship with my girlfriend was suffering tremendously because of my premature ejaculation. We tried to make it seem like only a small thing until she told me in tears she had cheated on my because of this issue. I was devastated!”

No one wants to be in a situation like this but often couples try to gloss over sexual problems out of embarrassment or out of a feeling that a focus on sex would be an insult to all the other great parts of a relationship. In the end though sex is integral to your sexual fulfillment and overall happiness within a relationship and if you can not last long enough in bed with your woman you may need techniques for controlling premature ejaculation so that you can have the great, passionate sex you need to sustain intimacy on a physical front.

If you are unsure exactly how long you should be lasting for with sexual intercourse you may be nervous and confused as to whether you really are ejaculating prematurely. While if you barely last a minute you probably know you have a short fuse other men who can last longer still may feel they do not satisfy their partners which can be a source of shame too.

First you must realize there is no exact rule as to how long sex should be. There is no threshold you need to reach to give your partner satisfaction as this varied from couple to couple to greatly based on their emotional and physical differences. It is also not essential for a man to give a woman an orgasm with penetration every time for them to enjoy sex and for you to feel good about it.

This is not to say women do not crave an orgasm and that they are happy with only a quickie either. The important thing to know what your particular girl likes and if you cannot last long enough to give them that pleasure then they will be left feeling sexually unfulfilled. Sometimes they can even feel even resentful that you can reach orgasm and they can’t even though you feel just as bad and less of a man because of it.

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