How to write a surprisingly good synthesis essay

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Your class has been writing some argumentative essays, and you have got to admit that it is getting very good. Your instructor has now told you to write a synthesis essay.

It might seem intimidating to call me by my name, but I will be available to show you examples and help you write a synthesis article.
First… What is Synthesis Essay?

Before we dive into writing your synthesis essay and brainstorming ideas, it would be useful to have a basic understanding of what a synthese is.

Synthesis essays can be compared to argumentative essays.

The key difference though is that your instructor will supply you with the sources that you need to support your argument.

This may sound simpler than an argumentative paper. However, it is a different type of writing and thinking that can be difficult to master. Synthesis essays focus on presenting a strong position, and identifying relationships between your sources.

Don’t just summarise the sources. Make your point and then back it up with the evidence that you have found in these sources. (This will be discussed in greater detail as we get into the writing process.

There will be information in many of your sources that can be used to support both sides. It’s important that you carefully go through them and then put them in context for your argument.

Accept any information that conflicts with your main points. Instead, acknowledge it. Then, demonstrate how your argument can be stronger.

Don’t be alarmed if you find this all a bit theoretical. This concrete example is inspired by the Slytherins (yes, Harry Potter fame) but uses cunning resourcefulness in analyzing sources.
Great and Not So Great Topics for Your Synthesis Essay

For synthesis essays, a topic that encourages you take a position about a difficult topic is a good topic. A topic for a synthesis essay should not be something you know all about, such as vegetables and their health. Most people would agree that vegetables have many health benefits. There are numerous sources that support this.

Bad topics in synthesis can take many different forms. Sometimes the topic will not be clear enough. These cases are when the topic is too broad for you to present a solid argument. Here are some examples for bad synthesis essay topics.

Synthesis essay Synthesis of gender

synthesis essay Write about education

A synthesis essay for an argument about the subject of obesity

Not-so-great topics are those that present only one side of the argument. It is important that you have multiple sources to support your position.

Now that you are familiar with what a poor topic looks like, let us talk about what makes a good topic.

Social issues make up a lot of great topics for synthesis essays. There are many gray areas and general debates on these topics, which is why they make great topics for your synthesis. Here are some topics to consider:

synthesis essay Do video games promote violence?

synthesis essay Does the death penalty deter criminal activity?

synthesis essay Should cell phones be permitted for young children?

Synthesis essay Are children more likely to benefit from public schooling or homeschooling?

There are so many topics that are good. It is important to express your opinion on your topic. Your synthesis essay looks weaker if it crosses the line.

Now that you are aware of the topics you will be seeing, let us get to work on how to actually write your summary essay. To make this even more entertaining, let me present you with the following sample topic:

Are Slytherin House members less evil than other members?
Steps for Writing an Impressive Synthesis Essay

Organization is essential for any great essay. Writing a synthesis paper is easy with these five steps.
Step 1: Read your sources.

Before you decide on your position, make sure to thoroughly review your sources. As you read, look for commonalities and begin to make connections.

Let’s suppose I have four sources of Slytherin synthesizing.

Source A lists the homes of all Death Eaters.
Source B provides a complete history about the Slytherin House, with the views of Salazar Slytherin.
Source C is a file containing names of students who were sorted to a different house that what the Sorting Hat originally assigned.
Source D is a history of Battle of Hogwarts.

Step 2 – Decide on your position.

After going through your sources carefully, determine the position you are going for. Although you don’t necessarily have to believe what you see, it is important that your arguments are supported as effectively as possible.
“You don’t need to believe your position. You must, however, be able support your argument.
Don’t forget to keep your choice of position. You want to make your argument and your conclusion as strong as possible. This is possible by sticking to your stance.

Let us return to our example. After reading my documents, I conclude that the Slytherin House alumni and students are no more evil than the other houses.
Step 3 – Write a powerful thesis statement

Once you’ve chosen your position, you will need to state it in the thesis statement. This is essential because you will be supporting your thesis statement throughout the synthesis essay.

In my example, the thesis statement for my thesis would look like this:

Slytherin’s alumni and students are not any more evil than the other houses. Because they have the full spectrum of morality, the evil wizards of all houses are also present, and their house traits such as resourcefulness, cunning, and ambition don’t equate to an evil nature.

Step 4 – Create a killer outline.

Now that you have a clear idea of your argument, you can start to think about how you are going to structure and support that argument. You can do this by creating a synthesis paper outline.

Once you have created your outline, place your thesis statement at its top. Then list each sub-argument. Next, list each of your sub-arguments. Finally, list your support. My outline might look something like this:

Thesis: Slytherin’s alumni and students are no more evil than those from other houses. They fill the entire spectrum of morality. While evil wizards are common in all houses, their house traits of resourcefulness, cunning and ambition don’t necessarily make them an evil person.

I. All houses are home to evil wizards.

A. Source A.

B. Source D. Exemplaires of Death Eaters from Other Houses' At the Battle of Hogwarts

In my outline, I used my source as the second level. It was to provide the names and evidence for how evil non-Slytherin magickals can be.

This is just one paragraph of my outline. You’ll want to do this for each paragraph/sub-argument you plan on writing.
Step 5: Use your resources wisely
Avoid making a few common mistakes while analyzing how your sources can be used to support your argument. Instead, try a few different things.

Synthesis Essay Don’t summarize the sources. This is a summary of your source. It is clear that evil wizards originate from all houses.

Analyze all sources. Instead, write the following: “Though Death Eaters are overwhelmingly from Slytherin (Source A), there are still some dark wizards like Quirinus Quirrell (“Source A”)”

Synthesis essay Don’t build your paragraphs around your sources. It might seem like the most natural way to accomplish something, even if you have only three or four sources. You run the risk of summarizing the sources instead of drawing connections.

Synthesis essay – Structure your paragraphs around you arguments. Formulating different points of your argument is a good idea. Support these arguments with two or more sources per sentence
Step 6 – Get into the writing.

Once you have a clear outline, all you need to do is add the details and make it pretty. This is all you have to do. It’s all about expressing your thoughts clearly in writing. Your thesis statement should be at the forefront of your writing, so your synthesis essay will have a clear direction.

Now that you are familiar with synthesis essays and know how to create them, it shouldn’t seem daunting.

If your synthesis essay isn’t working as you hoped it would, you can trust Kibin editors to make the necessary edits or suggestions that will propel it to greatness.

Happy writing!

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