As Industry Demands Rise, Community Colleges and Online Schools Upgrade Hospitality Programs

December 16, 2021 0 Comments

A growing demand in the hospitality industry is causing online degree programs and community colleges to upgrade existing programs and create new ones.

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Aided by the recent popularity of hospitality-based TV networks like the Travel Channel and the Food Network, more students are entering hospitality degree programs like restaurant management and event planning, among others 메리트카지노 . And, as the economy continues to recover, travelers are taking advantage of the hospitality industry’s lavish resorts, high-end casinos, luxury hotels, and gourmet restaurants. Hotel, motel, and resort desk clerks, alone, will experience a 13.8% increase in jobs from 2008-2018

Because of this growth, a number of community colleges and online schools are expanding their online and ground-based hospitality programs, with some even opening on-campus training hotels, or establishing partnerships with area restaurants and hotels. Kirkwood Community College, Miami Dade College and Cuyahoga Community College are just three examples of colleges that have opened training hotels and culinary centers for students on campus. Cuyahoga has established a new Hospitality Management Center where students can train in a new state-of-the-art facility or enroll in an accelerated online hospitality program.

These enhanced hospitality programs are also partnering with community organizations in order to place graduating students directly into local hospitality positions, a move which will not only employ recent grads but also boost the area’s economy.

1. Appreciate Your Customers – Customers do not come easy so you need to show them you appreciate them and deserve their trust. Be available to your customers when they have questions or need help. Answer all emails as quickly as you can and as efficiently as you can. Be willing to go the extra mile to make their experience with you more than satisfactory. Customers are not always right but you can make them feel like they are!

2. Join Groups and Forums – Join email discussion groups, message boards and other forums to help build your business. Participate as much as you can. Offer advice, help, guidance, and ask questions as well. Do not just advertise and leave!

3. Blog, Blog, and Blog – Blogs have become very popular in a short amount of time. Blogging is very much like writing a newsletter or ezine. You want to post helpful information, resources and more. Update your blog regularly and make it interactive. WordPress is a good place to start your blog.

4. User-Friendly Website – Make sure your website is simple, user-friendly and straightforward. Don’t fill your site full of flashy animations, music, and other annoyances. Make sure your website is easy to navigate and let your customers know what your site is about. If your visitors can’t figure out what you offer, they will just close you out. Always have your contact info available for your visitors. Be honest, straightforward and provide a good product or service. Unless you are a casino in Vegas, you don’t need the flash and glitter!

5. Social Networking – We all know the sites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., but not all of us use them to their full potential. Getting and staying active on these powerful sites are highly proficient ways to expand your contacts, increase your sales, and intensify your online presence.

6. Optimize for Search Engines – Research ways you can improve your site for the search engines. Use relevant keywords, bold headlines, effective meta tags, a site map, and update regularly. All these things can greatly increase your search engine ranking.

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