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Who doesn’t know gambling? Of course almost all people in the world can certainly familiar with gambling from students to adults. And did you know that gambling creates a lot of debt? This is because a defeat given from gambling is far more than the given win ratio.

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Not infrequently many people are willing to go into debt just because they lost gambling and still want to continue gambling. They are involved in the circle of the hole-closing system just because of a gambling game that is presented. Of course this can get a gambler in big trouble.

The term gambling creates a lot of debt, it is not without reason that many people are in debt due to being involved in various online gambling sites such as the best gambling sites, domino99 and various other sites that give a lot of losses.

Those who are addicted to gambling will do anything even though they already realize that gambling gives a loss and a loss. Of course intelligent people will never be affected by the traps provided by the gambling game. Because, actually the gambling has been regulated by the system where the loss ratio is definitely more than the win ratio. This i dominoqq terpercaya s because of course the maker of the gambling site will not want to suffer losses.

Therefore, stop playing gambling which of course can give us a loss. Because actually gambling players are only trapped from an environment that will always be addictive. Don’t even make gambling as a livelihood, because of course you will experience a lot of losses that are not even small in value and of course the effect that is presented by gambling is that gambling creates a lot of debt.

Of course this defeat can make you have a lot of debt. Not infrequently those who do have a lot of debt can result in family harmony which becomes messy because of the bad effects that this gambling really gives.


As explained above that gambling is an addiction, where someone who is already involved in a gambling circle or environment will find it very difficult to stop, this of course can bring themselves and their families deeper into the zone of destruction.

Indeed, you can’t immediately stop gambling, especially if you still have friends or acquaintances who are still playing gambling. Because you can be sure that person will always tempt you and invite you to play gambling,

The first thing you do is realize that it turns out that gambling creates a lot of debt and then you can do this by avoiding or breaking the chain of friendship from a gambler.

Stop hanging out with them, look for friends who can really make you go better and of course will not tease or invite you to play gambling again.

The second way is to intend, instill in you that you will no longer approach the gambling zone again from now on. Because it is only from the deep of the heart that one can do something.

Third, if it is really difficult for you to stop gambling, create a lot of debt, by asking your family for advice, because apart from staying away from friends who gamble, and having intentions, the role of family is also very important, ask your family for help.

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