Costly Prescription Drugs in US

January 2, 2022 0 Comments

It is truly said that people living in US purchase their prescription drugs on highest rates comparatively all over the world. All the medical facilities they get are quite appropriate but buying the drugs in US is quite impossible. You cannot afford drugs and medicines if you have not purchased any health insurance.

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Now the question is why prescription drugs are so costly in US? Well the pharmaceutical companies says that medicines are costly because it needs a lot of research and cost incurred in research is distributed to every unit they produce. So it ultimately increases per unit cost. They can’t offer cheap drugs Border collie puppies for sale . A spokesperson of a pharmaceutical company says “it cost us nearly $800 millions to create and develop a new drug”.

A survey was conducted by state Public Interest Research Groups in 35 cities of US. According to their survey, uninsured consumers in the Northeast pay the highest prices for 10 drugs followed by the West, South, and Midwest.

Pharmaceutical companies spend lots of money on advertising. Some 10 years back in US, there were no advertisements related to drugs and medicine. And now we see bundles of ads in every minute. One more blame on pharmaceutical companies is that they pay heavy prices to doctors to suggest or write their medicine. All these costs are ultimately to be paid by the end users.

One more reason why drugs are costly in US is that, there are number of insurance companies in US. Definitely if medicines are cheap, then there is no need of any sort of a health insurance company. If medicine costs are reduced, then thousands of the insurance companies have to shut down their business. It is an economic cycle which is running on and on.

Now as the prescription drugs are very costly. How a layman can buy such expensive medicines? For this purpose there are, as mentioned earlier, many insurance companies working in US. In US you cannot go without a health insurance. You have to buy it at any cost or you have to avoid medicines. But even then there are millions of people who do not have health insurance. Almost 46 million people below the age of 65 do not have any insurance.

What insurance cost you, depends on many factors like age, health, income, family etc. Most of the insurance companies allow their buyers to pay half the price of the medicine. Most companies and organizations provide insurance to their employees as a benefit. People above 65 or who are disable, or those having low income can avail insurance paid by the government. Over 85 million people in US have insurance paid by the government like Medicare and Medicaid. And over 45 million people have no insurance.

Now what do these 45 million people do when they have to purchase prescription drugs? US citizens having no insurance prefer Canadian pharmaceutical companies. They provide medicines and drugs at very cheap rates. People purchasing from any Canadian company save upto 49% of money as compared to a US company.

Recently, I had inadvertently gotten myself into a rather heated debate with a gentleman from England who seems to believe that the best way to solve the illegal drug and addiction problems are to totally legalize drugs. I completely disagree with that concept, and I have no doubt taken some heat from my position online, perhaps for this article as well. Still, we have too many folks, addicted, afflicted, and abused because of it. Let’s get into a few particulars of this contested debate shall we?

My debating acquaintance states; “Huge sums of the public purse are wasted year on year in a vain attempt to stem the flow of drugs with little effect.” Well, we are not correctly executing the war on drugs. In many cities in the US the money and asset seizures almost pay for it. But my debating partner states; “in short it’s time to face the fact that the war on drugs has failed and, at the least, consider alternatives. First, we must decriminalise drugs and license them in the same way as legal drugs like alcohol and tobacco.”

I find this nothing more than romantic blasterdash myself, you see we couldn’t possibly tax them enough to pay for the costs of rehabs and new heart valves, and if the cost is still that high, those who can’t keep a job due to addiction would still steal to get the drugs. And now the government would be the dealer in many regards, getting their cut of the action. Not buying it. I have no soft spot for drug users or their behavior.

Okay so, my acquaintance still believes that it would be an “instant revenue stream for governments leading to lower taxes elsewhere.” But, the reality is that statistics show it wouldn’t be that high, and people would buy illegal drugs to avoid the taxes, and cost increases due to regulation. But my debating partner states that by doing this it would also; “Instantly wipe out the major income streams of warlords and gangs.”

Would it indeed, doubtful I say, in fact I told him; don’t be ridiculous, these gangs will find other ways to make money. You’ll still have to go in and deal with the warlords and gangs, although he contents it would reduce the murder rates in Mexico, which are out of control. Yes, true enough, but we need to stop this illegal drug use, it’s not helping anyone, and we are challenged by all the addiction, no more drugs I say!

My debating partner suggests we start treating “addicts as a health problem in the same way we do alcoholics.” Okay, but why not treat alcoholics like drug users, why, because they are drug users. Besides we don’t need more alcoholics or drug addicts. He contends that “just because drugs are decriminalised doesn’t instantly mean everyone will suddenly start taking them.” No but there will be an increase, I believe a large one.

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