Smoking Cessation: Babies, Kids And Rooms Full Of Smoke

January 5, 2022 0 Comments

It is common knowledge that smoking is one of the most deadly activities that you can engage in; indeed, every time you inhale a cigarette you bring over 4,000 chemicals and toxins into your body. It is also well known that secondhand smoke is just as dangerous as smoking; cigarette smoke still has those toxins after all. If you are interested in smoking cessation, then think of it as something that you not only do for yourself–you do it for the health and wellness of others around you.

Experts: COVID-19 pandemic should not stop PCPs from encouraging patients  to quit smoking

One highly problematic aspect of smoking indoors is that rooms get clogged with smoke Buy Muha Meds Carts Online. Children and babies are often left with no other option than to breathe in that smoke. And guess what? According to smoking cessation researchers, children and babies inhaling the air in a smoke-filled room is the equivalent of them smoking 10 cigarettes.

If the numbers above don’t shock you, then keep reading. Children and infants breathe at much faster rates than adults. Children and infants breathe between 20-60 breaths per minutes while adults breathe 14-18 times per minute. This means that infants and children breathe in much more toxic smoke per minute than adults. When children are exposed to smoke, the risk for the following complications increases dramatically:

For years now, we have heard the information from medical experts from all over the world that passive smoking is as bad as lighting up yourself. If you remember the great entertainer Roy Castle, who died from cancer caused by passive smoking (he played trumpet in clubs all over the country where people openly smoked all the time). This example alone should be a good reason to stop smoking.

For instance, if you are a parent, did you know a lot of the chemicals which cause health problems, especially in children, remain on your breath for a long time after you have had your last cigarette? So, even if you step outside to have your daily fix, you are still causing harm to your children long after you have come back inside to be with your family.

There is a huge amount of medical evidence to give reason to stop smoking, passive smoking kills people just as smoking directly does. So you need to stop, stop soon and stop for good.

Smoke Sensors should be installed with every security system. Most people think about a fire after one has occurred. Unfortunately that is the case with a security system also. Obviously the time to think about protection from burglary and fire is before one happens. Fires killed more Americans in 2006 than all other natural disasters combined. Those statistics should cause for everyone to install at minimum a working smoke sensor.

It is not necessary to have a complete security or fire alarm panel installed to get fire protection for your home. There are many different types to choose from that range in price from $7.00-$35.00. The range in price is due to multiple options that are available. You can get smoke detectors that incorporate a heat sensor and some also have built in carbon monoxide detection. You can even purchase some that will talk to you during an alarm and you can even have them with a built in escape light.

The 2Gig Smoke Detector incorporates a built in heat detector and has a transmitter that communicates with the control panel. If there is an alarm, the system will ring the audible device that is attached to the system. If the system is monitored by a central station then the authorities will automatically be notified. These home security devices are programmed as a 24 hour device. This means that an alarm will trigger regardless of the mode of operation that the system is set to.

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