Various Kinds of Tumble Dryers and Their Uses

January 13, 2022 0 Comments

Most of the people prefer drying their clothes mechanically using tumble dryers rather than using natural solar energy. Tumble dryers are very efficient as they dry the clothes very quickly Kameymall . They are also inexpensive and rather easy to use.Technological advancements over the past few years have also lead to the production of more sophisticated ones, which are more efficient and at the same time it also consumes comparatively lesser energy.

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Tumble dryers today come in a variety of shapes, colour and sizes. They can be selected according to one’s needs i.e. if your family is a big one, then you might need a bigger dryer so as to accommodate more clothes and thus saves time. Though, there are many different types available, it can broadly be classified into three types i.e. the vented type, gas run type and the condenser type.

They also come in different colours so as to match the theme of the house. Hence, it can be purchased accordingly. In the condenser type of dryers, water or moisture is removed from the clothes by passing hot steam through them. When steam is passed, it also removes the condensed water molecules which are removed and collected separately.This water can be drained out separately. In the vented type of dryers, hot air is forced into the machine through a small inlet or a telescopic hole in the wall. However comparatively, the gas run models are cheaper and faster.

Apart from all this, the basic type of dryers dries the clothes by rotating them along an axis. They are also called entry-level dryers. They usually spin the clothes only in one direction . Many problems arise out of this like tangling of clothes and such. This made the clothes more wrinkled and thus difficult to iron. To avoid this problem, the new dryers now spin the clothes in both the directions at the same time. Since they are moving in both directions, the clothes can easily untangle themselves.

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